stephen taylor

Welcome to my site.
I'm a psychiatrist who loves to take pictures. I live in Shelbyville, KY.
I studied music in college, and have a Bachelor's degree in piano performance. I graduated from the University of Louisville School of Medicine, and completed my residency in psychiatry at University of Louisville hospital. I sing Baritone with the Voces Novae choral arts group in Louisville, KY. I recently started taking horseback riding lessons.
I recently acquired a Canon 5D Mark II that I use most of the time now, but I have a 1939 Leica Standard (E) that I shoot 35mm film with as well. This camera belonged to my wife's father. He was in WWII and got it when he was in Poland. He shot a lot of the family photos with it. Some day I will scan them and get them on this site.
I love to shoot black and white film, but have been processing my own color film for some time now and have been experiimenting with alternative processes like redscale photography and cross processing.
By the way, I owe the world a grand apology for bagging on digital photography. I was a hard-core film photographer for some time and swore that I would never shoot digital, but once I had a 5D Mark II in my hands, I never looked back. So, I apologize for all the bad things that I have said in the past and think that we should just let by-gones be by-gones.
Recently, I have been getting more into video, and compositing in After Effects. I'll be posting some stills from my compositing work in the near future.